Is it Mr. and Mrs. – or Mrs. and Mr.?

Weddings are rich with etiquette and a common question for I Do Tags is whose name should be printed on personalized favor tags and other wedding stationery.

Your wedding is uniquely yours – and with it, decisions such as these should work for you. But if you were to delve into the detail of wedding etiquette, there are a few known guidelines for printing names.

Here are three quick rules to help you with your decision:

#1: Most favors are printed with only the happy couple’s first names.  When the couple’s surname is not included in the print, it is a matter of preference of the bride and groom whose name will be printed first. For example, ‘Jane & Alan’ or ‘Alan & Jane’.

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#2: Any time the surname, or married name is included in print – the man’s name should precede the surname. For example, ‘Jane & Alan Smith’ or ‘Mr. & Mrs. Alan Smith’.

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#3: If all of this is a bit too onerous and you just can’t decide – always defer to the bride, after all it is her special day!